Mounting a Folder as a Removable Drive

I am developing some apps that auto-run  from a USB drive.  To get this to work, I have to send the software to the publisher who puts the software onto a partition of the USB drive (upto 5mb).

The result is a partition that appears to Windows as a CD-ROM and a partition that appears as a removable drive, and must be the next sequential drive letter.  For example a PC with the drives C (H/D) and D (DVD-R) in use would see
E (CD-ROM) and F (Removable storage) when the drive is inserted.

Developing for this is difficult and to test, I have been buring my software to a CD, then inserting the CD and a normal removable drive into a computer.

I am looking to make a test, platform.  Ideally it would be two folders - one for the CD and one for the Removable Drive which could be mounted to appear as such.  I used to have a program called FakeCD which faked a CD from the contents of a folder.  Is there simular to this for a USB drive?

If not, does anyone know how I can make a CD partition on a NORMAL CD drive, so I can test and retest without sending to the publishers?

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you could execute batch commands from the command prompt:

ex: (type at the command prompt)

let's say we have a folder named test1234 on the C: drive

subst T: "C:\test1234"

and you will have a drive letter that is now T:  and is the c:\test1234 folder

to delete

subst T: /D

hope that helps...
dentabAuthor Commented:
thanks but no...
It Must be picked up as a removable drive... it needs to fool my program, which can tell the difference
hmmm... do you think making  the usb drive bootable help to mimic what you're needing.... giving it a MBR etc...  O/S might see it a bit differently... hmmm
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dentabAuthor Commented:
lol, no

1) Either I need to mimic a CD/USB drive combo using folders
2) make a CD partition on a USB drive.

I dont think option 2 is possible, as I expect it is hardware dependant - but if anyone knows how I can thats 500points @ Grade A
not all usb drives support being set up with a MBR... we need to keep that in mind....

i was gonna type a bunch of stuff out... but maybe this article here will show you the options i was referring to...

dentabAuthor Commented:
I am not after installing an MBR, nor make it bootable.

I want it to Autorun.  This is done by making a partition that looks like a CD - see U3 drives for an example.  I have to develop the auto-run software and I am looking to make a test-platform.

This has in the past required me to insert a CD with my autorun software on it, and a standard USB drive at the same time (EG My autorun cd on D: and a blank USB drive on E:).  The software autoruns from the CD and looks for the USB drive my enumerating installed drives and their types.

However this means using a CD each time, or burning to an ISO and using a virtual CD.  Also it means that when I roam from one office to another I must not forget to take my USB drive.  There are other justifications for wanting a virtual USB drive too, but the problem is how.

The only solution I can see is writing a TESTING mode into my program to allow for it not being a folder an dnot a USB drive.  This is what I have done in the past, but it does not mean I am truely testing the software.  It is not the end of the world if I cannot, or even the end of the project - I just hoped that someone would know how to achieve this.  It's got to be possible, just I don't know how.
dentabAuthor Commented:
I have found a partial solution... I luckily have a U3 drive, and U3 customizer allows me to replace the CD rom partition with my own ISO.  This gives me a definate improvement for testing.

I am really after the drive emulation solution now to award an expert, or how to accomplish this without using a U3 (or simular technology) drive (which I doubt is possible).
hmmm... check this one out...

pretty scary stuff... but looks more like what you were after...


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dentabAuthor Commented:
Thats U3 customizer (read my last post)
yeah i dunno, i think you may be ahead of the curve on this one...  good luck!
dentabAuthor Commented:
nm, thanks.

I have found others _asking for it_ on the web, but no solution.  I KNOW it is possible because there is remote USB software that fakes a local USB device, but communicates accross a network to where it is really plugged in.

if nobody posts anything closer to what I want soon, I will accept ID:20781739
well.. i wish i could of been of more help... i'll keep piddling around though
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