How can I monitor AIX printer queues?


I have large number of printers and at least 3 per day are going down is there a way remotly to monitor those printer queues so I know when they fail?

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Define remotely?
Are these remote printers with queues on your AIX system that you want to monitor from yet somewhere else?
Please explain in more detail.
If its good enough to have the monitoring run on the AIX system, you could create a script that will parse /etc/qconfig and run "lpq -P<queuename>" on each, look for 'errors' or "NOT READY" statements in the output, and send you an email (or even attempt disable/enable the queue and send you email if the problem  still persists).
MrMagicNCAuthor Commented:
I wanted to use SNMP Monitoring application in order to display status of the queues in it but your script solution might do the trick for now.

thank you.
A quick way is to try a simple script like this and run it from cron every 5 minutes or so.

enq -As | grep "DOWN" | cut -f 1 -d " " | while read ln
enable $ln > /dev/null 2> /dev/null

This will check only for queues with status DOWN and will try to bring those back up.

If a queue with status DOWN doesn't come up after 5 minutes then there is another problem. Maybe the printserver lost it's connection to the network or such. Also check if  /var is filling up too rapidly so the printspooler can't proces some large jobs.

You can also try to insert or increase the timeout on qeueus that go down often.  Add the -T option and the number of minutes the server will retry before the queue goes down.

 backend = /usr/lib/lpd/rembak -T <minutes>

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