Is there a Missing Index Report tool? (or better yet one that automatically adds the indexes?)

Can anyone point me in the direction of a Microsoft Tool or menu option inside SQL Server 2005 that displays all the "missing" indexes that I should add to make the system perform at optimal levels?

I'm assuming that to avoid full table scans that _every_ query column-combination that is ACTUALLY USED by my code over the course of a day should have an index created, right?

Over the course of the day I'd like to run a report that says:

In the last 24 hours you're missed these indexes:





It would be even cooler if you could press a button that says "Create these indexes now?"

Wouldn't this avoid hours of research?

Does Microsoft offer such a thing?  If not, what do folks do to make sure they don't miss any indexes?

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There's a DMV called sys.dm_db_missing_index_details you can select from.

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You might not want indexes on everything.  For a given workload you'll want to look at the payback from an index to be sure it is worth adding.  Indexes take space and can slow down data modification.
Correct mastoo.  

You don't want to add an index on EVERY column.  

Additionally: you may want to look at sys.dm_db_index_operational_stats to see how your existing indexes are doing.

You may want to see if you have any indexes that have excessive overhead.
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