Multiple character typed with single key stroke in virtual console


I have difficulty in typing specifically when I on the log on window in Virtual Server administration web site. When I type user id or password, some times (not always but most of the times) - whenever I type a single stroke on the keyborad, it gets that character typed more than one time.
Example: if I want to type "Administrator" it may get typed as "Admiiiiiistraator" or Administttttraaator"

There is no fixed patteren.

I have Virtual server with updated VM Additions (Lastest 13.8xx)
Any suggestions


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mjasco8Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We have six physical servers running in our environment (all six are exactly of same manufacture, configuration, model etc). These host multiple virtual machines.
I am doing RDP from my workstation to all these virtual machines. Only three virtual machines on two of the physical server giving this error.
Since the keyboard motherboard are same in all the cases, only thing which may different at different time is network traffic or noise. But I am wondering if this is the case then there should be delay in typing characters, (which happen some time), it should not type multiple times the same charcater with one key stroke.

Thanks for your comments
you have to check against the hardware first. the keyboard. motherboard drivers. the connection noise.

waiting for more info

waiting for your reply
check if the 3 faulty server have common switch/network link

waiting for your reply
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