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Outlook 2003 Error Messages / Exchange Server

In a nut shell&my personal email Comcast accounts have always opened up in Outlook Express.  After several Microsoft updates directing my mail to set up in the regular Outlook and a phone that will now sync Yahoo/Outlook calendar and contacts with my Smartphone  I have finally given into the pressure and switched over to the 2003 Outlook that came with my work laptop.
The problem as I see it  the 2003 Outlook used to pull email off of a VPN connection to our Server at work. It keeps getting hung-up trying to connect to something that us not there. I no longer access our company thru the VPN. This company exchange server is not a valid address. I do not know of an alternate server address to keep this process active/open.

If I delete this setting and only keep the 2 POP Comcast accounts in Outlook, I cannot access my calendar or my contacts that came over in the transfer/yahoo sync.  It will only give me current email /calendar/ contacts and I have lost all history and older email. It seems that when everything came over from express and the yahoo syncing process must have taken place under the exchange file.

To further complicate this - I noticed this afternoon while deleting yrs of old and duplicate emails from the merged files that I cannot empty the delete folder due to the fact it is trying to sync with the phantom server!

I have had to back date my computer twice while trying to fix this.  So I am guessing that this Microsoft Exchange server setting is somehow playing a part in my configuation.  

 Thank you for your help,
Colleen Blouin

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" It seems that when everything came over from express and the yahoo syncing process must have taken place under the exchange file."

Looks like that is correct.....

With your Exchange account intact, go to File>Import/Export, and export it all to a .pst file. Then you can import this new .pst into your currrent one, and then delete the Mailbox for the exchange account.

How to manage .pst files in Outlook 2002 and in Outlook 2003
cblouin10Author Commented:
Thank you John,
I used your link to backup/copy - Export files.  Found out that the main file I needed was most likely an ost file. Further research on this site (E-E) gave me instructions to convert the ost to a pst.
Still had some issues but by woking offline and turning off an autosync feature for Yahoo - I was able to "copy" the files that did not convert into the regular personal file.
Removed the exchange server from my mail options and re-booted everything.
so far so good.  I may have lost some info. But my calendar and contacts seem to be complete so I am beyond thrilled.  Thanks for your ideas and the link to Microsoft.  You have been great!
Only question I have -- my Outlook now states that it is offline....is that because it is no longer working with an exchange server and the emails will come/go manually?  
I think they are set up on a 5 minute rotation for send/recieve.
Again...thanks for everything!
cblouin10Author Commented:
Left a comment under solution.....
Problems using Powershell and Active Directory?

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Outlook may have just never reverted Online from when you switched it.. Should be an Icon with a red x in it in the lower right hand side, just right click it, and select Work Online....
Feroz AhmedSenior Network EngineerCommented:
Once you configure your Outlook 2003 ,try to make changes to registry settings ,the path is as follows,

HKEYLocalMachine---Software ----Windows---RPC----clientprotocols and change the value of all the client protocols which are selected in uploaded file .
cblouin10Author Commented:
Thank you both....
Johnb -- my icon on the lower right does have an "X" thru it.  However when I right click on it nothing happens and I am not allowed to change it.  there is aslo an Icon on the lower part of my screen that shows what is running and when I click on that it really doesn't help either. Just goves me options for alerts and if I want to open the file to screen size.

Sm_Feroz -- I a little bit nervous on the whole registry issue. Do I need to make a back up before I change anything? Do I also need to have John's solution in place before I go into the files?

In regards to the offline issue....would that be why my Autosync with Yahoo has discontinued ( I am receiving error message that the "store ID not in current Config "
Also, The Active Sync that came with my new phone bombed out last night with a similiar message...saying something of a different profile was previousl set up or is passwrod protected.
I am gong to open up another Messge with these issues so that whoever solves them can receive credit.

Thanks a bunch to both of you!
Have you looked in the File Menu, for a Work Online option?

Switch between working offline and online
cblouin10Author Commented:
Sm Feroz wrote....
"HKEYLocalMachine---Software ----Windows---RPC----clientprotocols and change the value of all the client protocols which are selected in uploaded file ."

I have accessed the Registry file and the client Protocols listed above are all present.
They have a type "REG_SZ" and a data "rpcrt4.dll"
You have suggested that I change the value but I am not certain what that value should be.
cblouin10Author Commented:
How simple a solution! Sorry didn't see that when I was poking around. Thanks.

Do you feel this was the reason for the syncing issue?
No, the synch issue was probably due to the 3rd email account being in the profile, as most commonly an Exchange account synchs to a Mailbox, not a .pst....

See other thread....


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