Deny Any incoming mail from any IP other Than what I specify?

Ok this question is kind of two parted.

We have just purchased a barracuda antispam 300 device that is working fairly well. I have fiddled with our DNS server entries and pointed all MX records away from our exchange server and pointed them directly into the barracuda (Although their are still DNS entries pointing to our Exchange server for other reasons.) Mail is somehow bypassing my barracuda and going directly to the exchange server. This is causing the server to receive spam that goes directly to users inboxes without the barracuda filtering it. I assume that the spammers are spamming my DNS entry of instead of and this is causing the problem.

1.) Can I block incoming smtp port 25 to my exchange server without interupting the flow of outgoing email? I.E. if I block port 25 on my firewall to the exchange server will other servers be able to successfully communicate with my exchange server when It needs to transmit email messages?

2.) is there settings in exchange 2003 that will allow me only to receive email from a list of IP addresses I specifiy? IE I provide exchange the IP address of my barracuda and make it so that it will only accept messages from the barracuda?


1.) is there settings in exchange 2003 that I could
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1st solution
try doing this
from outside like your home computer
set type=mx

if you get your exchange IP there then spam will flow in avoiding baracuda

second solution in exchange 2003 you may allow to relay depending on IP address
Go in to Exchange System maanager
Admin groups
open your server
SMTP protocol
go to properties of protocol
and in access tab go to connections
and specifi only list below and in that list you list your baracuda applience.
Look at this image.
jbla9028Author Commented:
as of right now the NSlookup comes up with the public ip address of my barracuda.

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Good its then spammers still might have old addresses, then block by SMTP protocol Access configuration.
This is the picture where its located

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jbla9028Author Commented:
worked perfectly thanks
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