Can we set up auto-accept for meetings for a specific calendar in our mailbox?

If I have several calendars in my exchange account, many of which are being shared, can I set up automatic accepting of appointments for a specific calendar, not all of them?
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Matthew MillersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you considered using the auto accept agent?
It sits as an event sink in exchange 2003.
You register the required mailboxes which you want autoaccept for and then sit back and let it do all the work for you.

Otherwise you may just want to create a new MAPI profile (control panel > mail) with the required mailbox only, then configure the required settings.
marylin87Author Commented:
So, I have my personal calendar, and my team calendar that is shared.  I created the shared calendar so it's listed under "My Calendars."  If I use the auto accpet agent, will it auto accept appointments for just the team calendar?
Matthew MillersCommented:
When you say shared calendar, this is a proper mailbox right? Not a public folder?

Autoaccept agent...yes it will handle a single resource, but you will need load the agent into exchange and do a bit of config.
Basically you install the auto accept agent.
Run a command to register the smtp address of the calendar/resource/room etc.
When people send meeting requests to the resource, the autoaccept agent handles the accept/decline.
Autoaccept agent may be an option for you if you have a few resource mailboxes and you want to automate the scheduling of these.

If you dont want to go the autoaccept route, consider creating a seperate MAPI profile with the resource mailbox as the default mailbox and making the modifications for the user in outlook. Then you can close that MAPI profile, open yours and things should work as expected.
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marylin87Author Commented:
Ahh, sorry to be so ignorant and new at this.  So let me get this clear really quickly:

Yes, it is not a public folder, it is a calendar that is directly under my own mailbox.  In order to run autoaccept on this shared calendar and only this shared calendar, I have to do a bit of config that you stated above.

I am seriously considering going the auto accept route, but just in case it fails for whatever reason, what is the MAPI profile you speak of?  Is it the same as creating another "generic exchange account"?  How does it work?
Matthew MillersCommented:
Auto accept is definently the way (just reas the documentation completely):

if it is just a single resource that you want to do this for, maybe creating a new outlook MAPI profile would be easier/simpler and less work!

It is important to remember that the setting you make in outlook only affect the default mailbox whick is created in the MAPI profile.

To create a new MAPI profile...

Control panel > Mail
Click "show profiles"
Click "add" to add a new profile
Enter a profile name
Specify the servername and the mailbox alias
Save/ok until you are back to the mail profile list
Tick the option to prompt for a profile to use

Now start outlook
Select the profile for the other mailbox

Now you can configure tools > options
Calendar options
Resource scheduling
labelonukConnect With a Mentor Commented:
all you have to do is login to the computer as the resource then you need to setup the outlook account then go to tools - options then calendar options then resource schudeling then tick the first two boxes. a guide to help you.

I am not sure how to disable the the send and receive of emails though?

Hope this helps

Adam Sadler
Forced accept.

EE Admin
Is it necessary to install the Auto Accept Agent in order to use the Resource Scheduling options in Outlook to auto accept/ decline meeting requests for Resources?

Using the Direct Booking option is more time consuming and allows the Resource to be booked twice at the same time which I do not want.  It also requires discipline from users.


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