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So... I have always used regular html tables before ("<table><tr>...</tr></table>") to organize my pages, and all was well.  I would just drop my labels, textboxes, etc in to the cells and format the way I want.

Now I am trying to use this here new fangled ASP.NET Table Component just because I haven't before.  I drop it on the form, go to properties, add some tablerows, add some tablecells to the what?  I can't drag any other components in to the cell (labels, textboxes, etc.).  I can drag a textbox for example next to the table, then go to the Source view, and put it in the cell ("...<asp:TableCell runat="server"><asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server"></asp:TextBox></asp:TableCell>..."), but then I can't click on the textbox in the Design view to get to the properties of the textbox, it selects/highlights the entire table.  

Is this the wrong control to use for organizing other controls, or am I just doing something wrong.
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If you are just using the table to organize other controls use the HTML table instead of the Web Forms table.

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JumpsInLavaAuthor Commented:

Hi bmcvicar,
Thats what i was thinking.  Thank you.
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