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We have setup a our lotus notes box to allow pop email.  We mainly use this for blackberries.  Our company usually has stringent controls on password complexity and length, as well as how oftne they must change it.  The only way I know to change the Internet password is through the person document in the address book.  

Is there a way to force password complexity and/or changing?  Or is there another way to have users setup/change Internet passwords that I don't know?
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xavieronasisConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The best way I've found to get the job done is via this 3rd party utility:

I DO NOT work for this company or rep them in any way, but I've used it in the past in a corporate environment with over 1500 needy users and had a good experience with it with Domino 6.x.  It allows you or your users update the Internet password and enforce a "3 strikes (or more) and your out" policy.  It does require a minor update to the NAB and Domcfg, but it's totally worth it, IMHO.
The security policy settings is a good way to force/manage password complexity etc. However, I am not sure if it can be applied to POP3 client, but it will apply to Notes and HTTP client
smcdrcAuthor Commented:
I do not see a way to change the password in my web client.  Is there a setting I need to enable to show this?
Check if in the server configuration document on "Domino Web Access" Tab "modification of Internet password" is checked
you can also use if you want a quick and dirty way to change it.

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