Replies with the wrong external IP address

Why would this happen all of a sudden? When I ping my internal server by name in 2 totally different sites, it replies with the wrong external IP address
When I ping it just by name it replies with the right IP. When I ping it by its full computer name (MachineName.Domain) it replies with the wrong external IP address of
One network has been up for a year. Its a small network that uses WINS for name resolution. Its connected to the main network via Cisco 2800 series routers and a point-to-point T1 line. It is in a workgroup but uses the same email server. The other network is with this problem is a separate domain (domain B) on the same LAN as the main domain (Domain A). The main domain (Domain A) does not have this problem. The workgroup is the only network that uses WINS both domains use DNS. Each domain has its own separate DNS database.

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Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Have you checked your DNS servers to see if there is some problem with the DNS record for that server?  Is your internal domain name being used publicly, either by you or possibly by someone else?
PCWimpAuthor Commented:
sort'a used inside and outside...
Outside is "" and ""
Domain-A Inside is ""
Domain-B inside is "WXYZ"
Workgroup inside is "WORKGROUP"

The problem was hard to search on the net, but what did come up was a bunch of similar problems where this same IP address comes up where it is referencing this same IP address when it should be referencing a different inside IP address.

I looked for these entries in my DNS and couldnt find anything... The one network doesnt even reference my Internal DNS servers. The one workgroup has been running untouched for 1 year and the Domain-B has been running for about 4 years. This problem popped up earlier this morning.
Is the IP address that it is resolving to a static IP address assigned by the ISP? If not, sounds like the ISP is running NAT on their end. Just a thought.
Hypercat (Deb)Commented:
Are you seeing any related errors in your event logs?  Look on the server that you are trying to ping as well as on the machine that you are pinging from.  See if there are any TCP/IP or DNS-related errors in the event logs.
PCWimpAuthor Commented:
One day after the problem arose, it went away. Nothing in any logs of any type, anywhere! It was the weirdest thing! I have to assume the was some odd translation outside my network. I have no clue! The weird thing is that that same IP address has caused similar problems from others that I have seen on the net! Odd... Very odd!

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