Find Calculations Question

when executing a perform find command im having a little trouble figuring out a tex comparison calculation

for example i am searching for a text file  TABLE::NAMEFIELD and the contents of the text im looking for is "NO"

when I goto Edit find request in the scripting and select the table and field im searcing for

for example:

TABLE::NAMEFIELD == "NO" and TABLE::NAMEFIELD = "NO"  both return no files found
when there is data NO entered into the NAMEFIELD

what am i doing wrong
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you must go to a layout linked to that table before finding it.
an old silly behaviour which is due to the original filemaker script approach which behaves like if you'd do it manually, kind of macro command, and you would have to be in the right form to query the table in this case.
so when it fails, always a good idea to step the script to see that (you need the advanced version to do this)
where is this 'no' coming from? typed in or checkbox/radio button? if the latter, it has a return code at the end, so you must use no without the quotes, or include a return code using the PI character.
="no" means exact word, not a syllabus somewhere in a word, but you may have other words in the field
=="no" exact expression alone in the field
no means no anywhere in the field.
gevensenAuthor Commented:
the NO was coming from a textbox where i entered no into it

i think my bigger problem is i was trying to do a find and not specifying which table the find was associated with

for example

i was trying to perform a find on the layout linked to the DEPOSIT_REPORT Table but trying to find transactions from the INCOME Table

how do i specify which table find is looking into if i am calling for data from a different table
gevensenAuthor Commented:
ok i thought i was crazy

so you cant do a find unless the layout is linked to the table

im assuming even if the relationships are set right?

if so thats a pretty big flaw
yes and no, because the rest of the fm philosoply is the same, for instance "new record" in executed in the current table, you can't specify in which table... so you know you must "goto layout" first, then "new record". heavy yes, but this allows non computer people to write scripts by simulating what they would do by hand.
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