Linking from intranet to third party page

If I have a link from an intranet (i.e. web pages only visible from inside our LAN or over a VPN), will the receiving page be able to see details (server, internal url, session variables, post, get vars etc) of the page calling it?
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As far as I am aware, the only detail the recieving page will gather is the referring URL address.

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if your calling it from out side, it won't even load.

if you call it from inside you won't be able to get that info just from a url, you would have had to make a page display that info.
butterhookAuthor Commented:
OK I suppose I will have to test it.

@nplib, I'm not sure what you mean?
butterhookAuthor Commented:
Hi there, I have just tested this with both the $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] and setting a session on the intranet server and trying to read it on the remote server.

The results were as follows:

1. The remote server DID receive the referrer i.e. I made it echo http://localhost/test.php
2. The remote server DID NOT receive the session variable.

This is OK, but it still appears to be important to mask any essential information from the referring page.
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