Public Folder Problem

I cannot view public folders in SP1.

When I run get-publicfolderstatistic the following is returned

000040B890000 has been corrupted and it is in an inconsistent state. The
following validation errors have occurred:
WARNING: The Name property contains leading or trailing whitespace, which must
be removed.

How do I dtermine which public folder this is refering to?

When I try and create a public folder I get the following

There is no existing PublicFolder that matches the following Identity: '\'. Please make sure that you specified the correct PublicFolder Identity and that you have the necessary permissions to view PublicFolder.

MapiExceptionUnknownUser: Unable to make connection to the server. (hr=0x80004005, ec=1003)
Diagnostic context:
    Lid: 23065   EcDoConnectEx called [length=141]
    Lid: 17913   EcDoConnectEx returned [ec=0x3EB][length=52][latency=4]
    Lid: 19778  
    Lid: 27970   StoreEc: 0x3EB    
    Lid: 17730  
    Lid: 25922   StoreEc: 0x3EB    

Exchange Management Shell command attempted:
New-PublicFolder -Name 'aa' -Path '\' -Server 'dtes01.SAM.Home'
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Have you turned up diagnostic logging on public folders?  Do you have more than one Exchange Server?

kdlattaAuthor Commented:
I just turned it up to level 5.

I should have added that we are migrating from an Exchange 2003 server. All public folders are replicated from the exchange 2003 server to the 2007 server. We also have three servers that function as front end servers.
kdlattaAuthor Commented:
Any more ideas?
I believe the EcDoConnectEx error is RPC and Global Catalog related.  Do you have one or more DNS servers and GCs?  You might also enable logging for DSACCESS.

You could also try download the Exchange Best Practices Analyzer and run against your server to check for config issues.

Sorry, but nothing else comes to mind given your situation.  



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