Deleting a stubborn file - Modifying File Allocation Table

My "D" drive is a FAT32 one. I have a file there, under D:\Del\ folder, named "000" (without extensions). The size is shown as 14 kilobytes in the "details" view of the folder, but when you right click the file itself, it shows 0 kilobytes! There is no creation/modification/access date, and worst of all "it can't be deleted"!

I tired safe mode, tried MoveOnBoot and Unlocker, tried CHKDSK (as well as the graphical checkdisk tool which requires the system to restart), but no avail. The only idea I have is to directly touch the File Allocation Table and remove the file from there.

Is that possible? With which software (preferably freeware)? Does WinHex ( do that, and if yes, what should I edit exactly?

OS: Windows XP SP2 Pro
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Try sharing the directory out and browsing to it over the network, then deleting it from there using the command line.  Process explorer might say if it is locked by a program.
hujiAuthor Commented:
It had nothing to do with locked processes indeed. I solved it a few seconds ago. When I opened WinHex it gave me a warning about an unexpected directory structure on an offset. I went there, and noticed that it is where the file "000" was defined. By comparing that to the currently deleted files of the same directory, I figured that I should change the first byte to "E5" to remove the file. I did so, and now the file is gon!

Thanks anyways,


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hujiAuthor Commented:

I asked that right away! After all, I have been a Cleanup Volunteer here for a long time (currently on a long term vacation) and know how EE works  ;p

Thanks anyways!

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