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I have an end user who is trying to track changes by author. She states that her changes are showing up in the same color as another authors and that she is unable to change the font using the fontcolor box. She has gone into Markup toolbar > Show > Options and tried to change the color in there, but it changed the other author's color as well.

I have a feeling that the other author may be using the same PC, thus Word thinks it's the same author. Is there any other way to separate the two? Maybe color by date, or something along those lines?
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Scott HelmersConnect With a Mentor Visio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
Word differentiates one author from another based on the value of the Name field on the "User Information" tab (select Tools/Options then click this tab). If two people are using the same PC, with the same Windows login, they will undoubtedly be using the same copy of Word. Consequently, they are the same person as far as Word is concerned.

Although it requires user discipline, they can solve this by going into Tools/Options and changing the value of the Name field each time a different person sits down.

A better alternative is probably to ensure that each has a separate Windows logon to the PC; each Windows user will have his/her own Word profile so they can set the Name field once and leave it.

BTW, the problem your user is describing can actually occur even if two people are using different PCs if the Name setting on both machines happens to be the same. For example, if both contain "Jane Smith" as the name, then Word thinks they are the same person when they both work on the same document!
ShdwWlf1065Author Commented:
Thank you for pointing out the Name setting - I was unaware of that. I'll look into it first thing in the morning. Thank you for responding :)
Scott has offered ways to prevent it from happening, but sometimes it happens anyway, even when different users are recognized by Word.

IF Word recognizes different users but insists on displaying them as the same color (probably a bug) a workaround is to use the following: (Reviewing Toolbar) --> Show --> Reviewers and deselect all but the user you are trying to track (User A). If you want to approve all the comments made by the other user (User B), you could show only his/her changes, then "Accept All Changes Shown" from the pulldown for the accept changes button.

Another more tedious workaround is to use the Reviewing Pane, where you can see the names listed along with each change.
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