Cannot open a QDF file more than once, Quicken hangs on open

I have a Quicken Deluxe 2002 QDF database, I can only open the file once and then Quicken hangs on the open.  It seems to have gotten worse and as days go on.  Let me explain, i have restored from backups about a week ago and i can open those about 5-7 times, and the more recent backups i pull (Backup Exec 11D Tape Backup) the fewer opens i can achieve.  It is an incremental backup, reset archive bit... So i am wondering if that plays a role, problem just started a week ago, and now i am having to restore the file from a previous date, the accountant has to re-enter every entry to bring it current, then we just hope it gets backed up and she can use it again...  I do receive an error when trying to open the DB if Quicken is already open (File-Open Command) it says "quicken needs to restart."  If i open the file by double clicking the QDF, it just hangs and eventual brings me to a blank quicken screen, as if no company was loaded.  any ideas??
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never used this product so will just offer some ideas,
using your first comment>
I have a Quicken Deluxe 2002 QDF database
Deluxe 2002, Local install with data hosted on the network file server<< on a network file server is this the quicken file server on the internet?
Is there any problems accessing the file server? Could be related?
How fast is your PC?
How you setup the files structure on the network file server may help.

Your error seems to point the way straight up, before you open this quicken delux open your task manager and see what is running.
If you have a program starting with windows it maybe running in the back ground already.
If this problem has been on going and your backing files using a damaged program those files maybe damaged or the backup is damaged if you get my drift.
Try running a normal system maintinence such as delete the contents of the TEMP folder
C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp you'll need to change the folders virew options and unhide the system files to see it.
Go to start all programs\ accesories\system tools\disc cleanup.
It will clear out most of the temp IE history etc.
Check the hdd r/click the C drive\properties\tools\defrgament now\ hit analize, wait then close that take a look at the state of the hdd lots of red is bad gaps everywhere is bad.
Defrag several times.

check here looks good
 I would like to reduce the size of my Q files to speed up operations

What I would be inclined to do, before this gets any worse, is to *export* the entire database (which I understand is possible in Quicken), then shut down Quicken.  Open it up again with a brand new file, and then import the transactions from the file you exported earlier.  This will get rid of any deep-seated corruption embedded in the proprietary Quicken data files.

Generally Quicken files aren't big in size.  Why don't you back up the files using a Full backup every time?  Some ancillary files may not be being correctly backed up or restored using the Incremental.  Your problem may be that the Backup cannot backup or restore certain files if Quicken has crashed in a way that it is still clinging onto one of the files that is necessary to be restored.

I seem to remember that Quicken had the Billminder facility for scheduling transactions to appear on future dates.  Is Billminder active at any time that you are working on Backing up or Restoring, cos if it is then that may not be helping.
XaerranAuthor Commented:
I appreciate the replies, i needed to resolve this issue sooner than later, so I downloaded the latest version of Quicken, and did an upgrade on the files.  It seems to have resolved the issue.  But  Moorhouselondon, your suggestion may have also solved the problem.  It was defiantely a problem seeded within this specific DB.  Thanks.

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