Deleted pst file over network. Where is it?

One of the users were archiving old email folders to a different server for storage/archive. While cleaning up after it the 0.5Gb pst file accidentally got deleted  on that server over network .
I have tried everything with exchange but since they were exported they are out of the exch mailbox. The backuptape only have the whole information storage which will mean that the whole organisation will loose two days. Not happening.
On the archive server I have looked with O&O software and PC inspector file recovery. They both pick up a lot of old deleted stuff, but none of them has even a hint of that pst file.
Is files that are deleted over network deleted in a different way than other things since it appear to be totally annihilated?
Thanks in advance

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simsjrgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What version of Exchange you running? What Service Packs? In 2003 yo ucan mount a Recovery Storage Group and recover a single mailbox using ExMerge.
the trouble with servers is that they are constantly being written to so if recovery utilities cannot locate it the chances are it been overwitten by something else
cuziyqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the file was deleted from a network share, you're screwed.  There is no network trash folder (that's a "new" feature in Vista/Server 2008).
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tastasConnect With a Mentor I.T.Commented:
Items moved or deleted from the network are gone.  You might try running data recovery tools on the server and see if you can find the data.
madison perkinsNetwork AdministratorCommented:
Get data back for NTFS.

I have used this recovery tool for years and it works very well.  i believe you can run the demo to see if the file is avaiable and then pay for it.

SejfyrAuthor Commented:
I have now tried all the suggested tools and the file is still gone. :-(
I'm afraid cuzjyg and tastas are right: I'm screwed!
My last chance will be to try Simsjgr's suggestion: mount the RSG. It's exchange 2003 (6.5.7638.1) on a win2k3, sp2.
How can that be done without risking the live server?
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