Why is my Queue stuck?

Hi guys,

I am monitoring our Exchange server - 2003 SBS following a bunch of work that was performed last night. We implemented quite a few updates, service packs, etc. as well a traffic-shaping feature on our firewall...

However, today (with 30 users using the server) our mail queue is slowly growing. It is usually somewhere in the ~20 range, now I have 75 queues listed and about 300 emails that apperantly are not going anywhere...

Thing is, all the test emails that I sent to my hotmail and other outside mail accounts seem to be working perfectly (hotmail is not one of the stuck queues). The traffic-shaping that was implemented last night was port-based, so it should affect ether all domains or none - yet some domains seems to having trouble recieving our email.

I have users online right now, so I cannot do much in the way of messing with the firewall and server reboots, but I am conserned about this slowly growing number (I started watching it this morning climb up from 65).

I know that Exchange has some logging that can shine some light as to why these emails are not being accepted by the intended servers. How do I enable and read this logging?
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alshahnazConnect With a Mentor Commented:
i belive u are asking for enabling SMTP loggin if so then here is the link


try disabling traffic-shaping feature in ur firewall and monitor.
Tyson0317Author Commented:
I cannot do that right now and like I said, the traffic-shaping is port-based. Ether all outgoing emails would be stuck or none...

I just need to see some sort of log that would tell me why these emails are not going out...
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