Email one address & go to several recipients

Without using an Exchange server or anything like that, does anyone know of a free service that allows me to have one email address that is a distribution list for several other internet email addresses?  I am trying to build a form on my website for a group of people to type in their name/email & body, then just hit send & have it go to everyone on the distribution list...any ideas?
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with a web form contained on a web server, I assume the webserver will have (or access to) a SMTP server. So some quick code will soon have you sending emails with server-side code.  You could hardcode the distribution list into the serverside code, or keep it as option fields on the form you have...
If you want a site to 'relay' email for you, you will find this difficult as you will have to complete with the 'spammers' of this world...

rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
I know that part of it...the question is how to get a distribution list with everyone's emails in it.
I know that part of it...the question is how to get a distribution list with everyone's emails in it.

but you stated that "Without using an Exchange server or anything like that"

so I suppose I need to ask what webserver and applications do you have available to you?
Outlook has distribution lists, but its a client only and would be difficult to control via web server service...

To do a sendmail service with

This is but talks about using gmail..

As you will see from these examples, that the 'to' email addresses are to be specified directly.
You can either create a list of users in code or from a database..
If, say like my company, have a distribution group called staff and the distribution group has an enabled email account say then you would only have to include this address once to access all users in that distribution list. but if you needed and to be in a separate distribution list controlled by you, then having exchange or another email server application would be necessary.

Hope that helps.
rustyrpageAuthor Commented:
I know a lot about Exchange etc & if that was the case, this would be simple.  I am using PHP sendmail, so I guess I could always make the recipient list just a long list of email addresses, but that is just a nightmare to keep up.   I was looking more for a service or something that does hosted distribution lists.
My ISP's and most others I know also have this service as they need a email service for their customers. But only some on-sell the service to businesses. Usually its the marketing services that  sell this service.
I found this if you don't mind managing the list on your own server.

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