Microsoft, word, 2003: Multiple documents "open"

Though I have no Word documents open, there are 20+ Word documents listed as open (i.e. in folder, the documents are displayed starting with "~", such as letter.doc being displayed as ~ etter.doc).  Word is displaying several quirky behaviors, too:
1. Word document email attachements won't open unless I first save them.
2. Word loads extremely slowly (so does Outlook, but none others).

This all began after I closed a Word document and got an error message indicating a fatal error had occurred in closing this document.
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Close Word and delete all theose documents beginning "~" (temporary files which for whatever reasons didn't close when Word did.  Restart your computer and see if there is a difference.  (Word may have crashed recently.)
The number on reason that I have run across for Word and Outlook running slow is usually Antivirus software.  To test this you can go to the add-ins in word and temporarliy remove the AV add-in.  Those temp files don't mean that those files are still showing as open.   They are indicating that Word has exited incorrectly when those documents were open.  This can happen for many reasons.  One is shutting down the computer when Word is still open.  Or the program is having trouble shutting down one of the addins.

My first suggestion would be to uncheck all add-ins and see if the temp files are still being created.  Also check your speed improvement.  Myself, personally, I remove the AV add-in in word becuase I don't have time to wait, and becuase when I download the file/ save it to disk/ or bring word documents from external media, the AV program is going to scan it anyways.  Again this is a personal choice and not right for everyone.  Still it will help you to determine where the problem is originating from.

If unchecking all of the add-ins does not stop the temp files, please let me know and we can continue to search for a resolution.
dngtechAuthor Commented:
Thank you, experts!  I deleted temp files and I noticed they were all temps of the same file, which is the one that gave the "fatal error" message on closing in the recent past.I alsowent into templates and add-ins and was surprised to find that there were none.  This file is obviously not closing properly.  It does often hang on closing (and Windows says it's not responding).  Other documents don't have this problem.  It's an important document that is used everyday, so I can't just chuck it.
Open the file.
Select All, then copy.
Create a new document then paste and save new file.
The file may be corrupt.  This may solve your problem.

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Etircet has a great idea, but I would take it one step further, the problem could be in the formatting somewhere.  

Open the file...
Select All, then copy....
Create a txt file on the desktop and paste. (doing this will remove all formatting)
Reselect what you just pasted in the txt file. (You must do this to replace the original stuff on the clipboard)
Create a new word document then paste and save new file.

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