File Sharing Violation appears on Office users (Word, Excel) when trying to save the file they are currently working on.

MS Office users receive a File Sharing Violation when trying to save the file they are currently working on. The issue happens in both Word and Excel programs. Problem is sporadic. They open a file, make a change, then they get the share violation.
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if they are trying to save to a mapped drive, this issue is common. try using the unc \\servername\sharedfolder
As a rule on a network, you should always get the user to copy the network file to their own hard disk, edit it locally, save it locally, then save it back to the network drive.  This is not too much work for 3 reasons --

1.  their edits aren't lost when there is a network problem.
2. saves 2 people conflicting editing the same document at the same time -- like your problem
3.  Most important, when word and excel open networked files, it slows them down dramatically if any of those systems go off line or a busy.  

The problem is the history list, once it gets filled with network file addresses, every time you go to open a file, word and excel (stupidly) check to see if ALL of the documents in the history list are available, BEFORE you even pick a file.  This is stupid, because one of the servers could be down, so these programs will hange endlessly.  It is incredibly inefficient.  

You will not change them on this point.  You have to work around it.  Teaching users to edit locally and save a local copy in case of problems or comparison, and then copy it back to the server, is just GOOD network management, and will save you a lot of grief, and lots of speed issues on the network.
This is happening on a Vista machine, running Office 2007, as well, The file is copied locally. I feel it may have something to do with the virus scan program.  Has anyone else had dealings with this?
OceanReefClubAuthor Commented:
We found that Windows Desktop Search was causing the problem.  There's an option to disable network scanning.  Once uninstalled, the user's had no more issues

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