Converting unique timestamp PT0H30M into a value I can work with

I need to convert this value (PT0H30M) into a number I can easily sum across all records and be able to get a simple solution to display hours and mins easily so that it is clear to the viewer.
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Asked:
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Can you provide what the expected output is for the different examples?
RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
The expected output would be a number that I can sum and or divide back into an hour minute format. I guess if you converted it then added only minutes then I could just devide by 60 and get all the hours and the remainder would be the minutes.
Try this formula

Local NumberVar MyHours := 0;
Local NumberVar MyMinutes := 0;
Local StringVar MyTime := {YourTimeField};
Local NumberVar H_Loc;

MyTime := Mid(MyTime,3);
H_Loc := InStr(MyTime,'H');
MyHours := Val(Left(MyTime,H_Loc-1));
MyTime := Mid(MyTime,H_Loc+1);
MyMinutes := Val(Left(MyTime,Len(MyTime)-1));

If MyHours <> 1 then
    CStr(MyHours,0,'') & ' Hours and ' & CStr(MyMinutes,0,'') & ' Minutes'
    CStr(MyHours,0,'') & ' Hour and ' & CStr(MyMinutes,0,'') & ' Minutes'


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RUA Volunteer2?Tableau Trainer & Consultant Sales Exec.Author Commented:
Works perfectly. Thank you sir. I am employed for yet another week. Hopefully my job will not get shipped to India.
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