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need assistance with VLANS

We have 2 VLANS configured on multiple HP ProCurve switches
VLAN 1 is for our data network and is - Servers, Clients, Printers, etc.
VLAN 2 is for our voice network and is - all IP Phones

I need to have one client PC with a ip address that needs to network with the VLAN and I'm unable to get it to work. I can ping anything in both VLANs from the client. I have Internet access from this client but I open up Outlook e-mail ( I can ping the Mail Server by name so I am getting DNS from the network) or map a drive on a file server.
Any ideas on what I'm missing?
1 Solution
I would double check your ACLs in the HP ProCurves to make sure they are configured to allow routing between the two VLAN's.
you could als mae a static route from client to vlan
when you ping your exchange server by name, what ip address you get?

it is possible to install second network card into that client. one will be used for data, second for voice.
if you have intel card, you can install intel proset and you will be able to create vlans on your pc.
so you configure your procurve's port to that pc with two tagged vlans and configure vlan interfaces on your pc. the result is almost the same as with 2 network cards, but you don't need second card, second port and no need to disassemble pc
JimFitzmauriceAuthor Commented:
Putting a 2nd NIC in the client PC was my next step. Thank you for your help!

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