Is there anyway I can set up a folder / share which I can then allocate 10Gb of disk space to?

I have a 2000 server & a 2003 server. I have a folder which is shared out and is only accessible by a project team who I have explicitly given NTFS permissions to.   I would like to retain 10Gb of space for this folder no matter if the remainder of the drive is full this 10Gb cannot be used unless it is for the relevant people.  I have looked into Quotas but these seem to be applicable only to the volume as a whole and this wouldn't aid my situation as the users would have admin rights anyway.  Can anyone suggest anything - I would rather use something that is part of MS server 2000/2003 rather than a 3rd party product.
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lnkevinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You cannot set disk quota for folder, but you can install Microsoft File Server Resource Manager to control quota for folder. Check this instruction to install and deploy it:

As a work around you can create a 10Gb volume and then add it as a volume mount point. Ot appears just like and can be treated as a foder - no drive letter, just a name like a folder see
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