Windows XP won't hold a static IP address for either of two NICs

I have a work station that has two network cards (one built in and one added on), each configured with a static IP address talking to two different networks.  I was experiencing some network trouble with one of the connections (the add on card), so I put in a new network card, and removed the old one.

Now when I try to assign either of my two network cards a static IP address the information doesn't stay.  After I click OK, and then go back in to look at it - it is set back to DHCP.  I have tried re-installing the network drivers, but the issue remains.  even though the settings appear blank it seems to keep the static IP until I reboot, or after some type of timeout period, then goes back to DHCP, and tries to get an address.  I have tried disabling each of the cards and configuring the other - didn't work.  I have removed the add-on card and tried configuring the on-board card alone - didn't work.

The workstation is a Dell Precision 370, with XP SP2 and all current updates.
The built-in NIC is a Broadcom 57xx Gigabit
the add-on is a SysKonnect SK-9E21d Gigabit PCI-Express

The previous add-on card was an Intel VE/100 PCI card
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Erik PittiCommented:

Copy the current network card/ip address config and run the following command from a command prompt.

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

This will completely reset the TCP/IP configuration for the system and hopefully cure your address assignment problem.

Once you have run the command you will have to reconfigure both NICs so be sure to document your NIC settings beforehard.

in the dialog box you have, when you are asked do you want to assign different ip address, you should press NO.
then everything will work fine.
if you want your windows to forget about your removed network card do the following:
open device manager, enable it to show you hidden devices and delete removed network card.
ItnotifyAuthor Commented:
I tried resetting the TCP/IP stack using the netsh command as suggested, but after doing that it still won't hold a static IP address.  I did the command a second time then rebooted, and still nothing.

When I removed the old card I removed it from the device manager, then shut down and physically removed the card.  looking at hidden devices the old card isn't listed.

There is no dialog box that I am noticing that asks to assign different ip address.  I am configuring each card from the tcp/ip properties of the card listed in network connections

When playing around with it today I noticed that when I did an ipconfig /all one adapter said "DCHP no" the other said "DHCP yes".  I went and tried entering a atatic IP on the adapter that said "DHCP yes", then did ipconfig /all again and then the adapter just configured said "DHCP no", but the other adapter switched to "DHCP yes".
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Erik PittiCommented:
are you setting a default gateway on both adapters?  if so, you should remove the gateway from one of them.
ItnotifyAuthor Commented:
No - I am only putting a gateway on 1 of the adapters.
Erik PittiCommented:
darn.  well there's one more reset command that's available in netsh that resets ALL adapters and protocols (not just the IP stack)

netsh int reset all

which should completely blank out the network configuration.
ItnotifyAuthor Commented:
I'll give that a try first thing tomorrow morning.
ItnotifyAuthor Commented:
The reset all command didn't work either.
ItnotifyAuthor Commented:
I'm going to re-format the computer to fix this error.

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