Mobile User VPN successfully connects but cannot ping, or access shares, etc.

I use installed Mobile User VPN Version 7.3 to connect to my WatchGuard X750-e

It connects and I log in fine; however, although I am connected, I cannot ping any IP addresses on the Trusted LAN where the X750-e is.  

WatchGuard System Manager sees me immediately after I establish a connection.  But the packets remain at 0 receive, 0 sent.  NO ACTIVITY.

What is the problem?
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cbmmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
make sure that the remote network doesnt use the ip range that you are physically connected to. verify your ip address that is assigned when you login to the remote network, make sure the subnet mask is the same
afsanchez001Author Commented:
Hi cbmm,  I can ping the IP addresses now; however, when I try to ping the server by name it does not allow me to.  I added the domain to the suffix order, i.e.(  Shouldn't the servers show when accessed or pinged by name?  Did I forget something?  Thanks.
afsanchez001Author Commented:
Right on the money.  Thanks!  DNS was solved simply by adding the domain to the DNS suffix in TCP/IP properties (advanced).  Enjoy the points!
should, but your having a dns problem. you also might want to check to see if the remote network is using a wins server. you probaly should also enable netbios over tcp/ip
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