List All OUs with an OU

I have a some what large OU struture that i am dealling with and need to be able to list All OUs which are with and OU but no list any OUs that are within the OUs i am looking for. Looking at the diagram below i am trying to only to list the OU's with '<------' next to them.

          OU1 <-------
          OU2 <-------
          OU3 <-------
          OU4 <-------

Attaches is what i have so far and which mostly works, but muiltiple OUs are missing, also i want to be able to have the results sorted A-Z

Thanks in advance!.
Dim ADRootEntry As New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://" & NTLogin.NTDomain,NTLogin.NTUsername,NTLogin.NTPassword)
Dim searcher As New DirectorySearcher(ADRootEntry)
Dim queryResults As SearchResultCollection
Dim result As SearchResult
Dim tblADOUs As DataTable = dsADOUs.Tables("tblOUs")
searcher.Filter = "ObjectClass=organizationalUnit"
queryResults = searcher.FindAll()
For Each result In queryResults
  Dim rwDefaultUser As DataRow = tblADOUs.NewRow()
  rwDefaultUser("canonicalName") = Result.Properties("canonicalName")(0)
  rwDefaultUser("distinguishedName") = Result.Properties("distinguishedName")(0)
  rwDefaultUser("name") = Result.Properties("name")(0)	

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Are you looking for the ADS OU structure?
Do you want this code to be edditted or any other script that can match this requirment?
Morton87Author Commented:
Yes i guess i am look for a way to pul the AD structure but from a specific point in AD. The only requirements i have is the final code needs to be in either VB.Net or C#.Net, and the display of the OU information needs to be selectable like in a Treeview.
in your searcher set the the filter to "objectclass=organizationalunit", return all those results, then iterate over the results.  For each object found, perform the same query but append the latest OU name to the query


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Morton87, hi.

I'm not closely familiar with VB, but I try to help.

1) To limit your search only for entries below SitesOU, use
SearchRoot property of the searcher:


Dim sitesOuRoot As DirectoryEntry
sitesOuRoot= New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://ou=SitesOU," & NTDomain)
searcher.SearchRoot = sitesOuRoot

2) To search only 1 level of sub-entries,
use SearchScope property with value :


Public Enumeration SearchScope
searcher.SearchScope = OneLevel

3) To sort result on server side, use Sort property of the searcher:


Public Enumeration SortDirection
searcher.Sort = New SortOption("canonicalName", Ascending);

Combining all 3 recommendations before FindAll() call should be enough to get correct results in the ascending order.

I'm not a VB master, so there may be syntax errors, but you grasp the idea.
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