Missing "Drive Mapping" tab from ICA Settings Dialog Box

I have built a new 4.5 Presentation server farm with 4 Presentation Servers and 2 Web Interface Servers running the latest version. Both Web Interface Servers are load balanced using Windows Load Balancing. I have 3 applications published and 1 file share published using explorer.exe parameters as a published application and all of these work.

I have enabled policies to map user drives at logon and deny nothing. One major problem that I see is that in the Citrix admin documentation, it says to map drives through the ICA settngs dialog box, and the mapped drives tab. This tab is not visible. The admin guide says that you must include the JICA-cdm archive. I can not find any information on where this must be included.

I have download, unpackaged, and placed the java files from the citrix website, on both web servers in C:\Program Files\Citrix\Web Interface\4.5\Clients\icajava

The problem is when you open a Word document and choose save as, users only see the M: and N: drives. They see one drive outside of this, and this is labeled U: which is normally seen on every users system. This is the "user" drive and is mapped in AD under the "profile" tab and then "home folder". I'm not sure why this is the only local drive being mapped. I feel like I am missing something from the java setup.

I need to:
1>  have users be able to map local drives
2> hide the M and N drives from users
3> have the java client automatically install if the user does not have java installed

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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Here is the install for JICA --


the first is most to your point -- the last is a download link for the package, it seems.  Once you get that installed on server and clients, you should see the local and network drives that you want, arranged by user group.  DOn't forget to do it for groups so all will inherit what they should see.
Praetorian81Author Commented:
The first is the admin guide that I referenced and the others essentially say the same thing about the java client but unfortunately don't make it any clearer on what is missing. I appreciate your assistance but I feel that the Citrix admin guides lack a lot of explenation.

I am missing the connection on how these html pages play a role. For example, I have already created a site in IIS that is load balanced across both web servers. If you go to the virtual address of the webservers, it checks the load of both and then makes a decision on who to talk to, from that point it goes to the citrix site. Where do the html files come into play? There is already a site that allows you to login and access applications so I am not seeing the connection. I also still do not see where to add the files necessary to see the "map drives" tab through the ICA settngs dialog box. It says you need the JICA-cdm archive but where does that need to be and how does it interact.

Thanks again for any suggestions.
The installations would be on the server running Citrix -- if this is one of many load balanced servers, it doesn't matter, that is independent of the fact that the software needs to be installed where the citrix server resides, that way, Citrix will find the modules it needs to provide the additional functions.  Forget IIS here, these modules are to expand the functionality of citrix, right?  Once installed citrix will then have the capability to see all the drives, because each citrix client logging in will tell citrix about their local drives and they will appear to them.  You will still have to SHARE folders on each server where you want citrix clients to see the files, so you might have to make additional shares on all servers, that is up to your topology.
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Praetorian81Author Commented:
Ok, I follow what your saying there but it's still a little vague. The documentation only tells you to place the JICA components into the wwwroot on the IIS box and C:\Program Files\Citrix\Web Interface\4.5\Clients\icajava folder on your web interface servers. Well that portion has been done.

What folders are you talking about sharing, I read nothing of that in the admin guide? Also, how does Citrix see these modules? Your saying once installed but this is the roadblock. Outside of placing the Java files into the two locations above, there is not much information on additional steps. The only other portion of this is customizing the HTML files to launch the java portion. I still have not seen documentation on how the html files are combined with the current site?
I realize that citrix documentation is severely deficient, but you are MOST of the way there, belive it or not.  Yes, anything that relates to web documents, and probably even the Java in JICA does need to be on the IIS server (www root), because these are web documents that the web server must dish out when a web request is made.  SO they need to be on the IIS server, they don't need to be on the Citrix server.  If all of the Citrix access is through this web server, then YES, you need the HTML files to load the JAVA applets in JICA, so that the JICA features are available to the clients.  Citrix USED to do it all on their server, now evidently they have gone to a strictly web iinterface instead -- sorry if I mislead you, I was going by the previous Citrix installs, where LAN network links are all done of the citrix server.  Here you are talking about WWW applets that can find local drives via the java applets -- which is a big change for them.

I think if you can customize the HTML files to load the needed JICA components, you will see the features you want automatically pop up in the citrix clients.  How citrix sees these modules is that the Java applets link the local and server based shares into a group that can be assigned or picked by each client.  It may appear like magic, but it is not.  Get the JICA components into the main web pages, and see.

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In AD are you running a bat file on the logon script: to map the network drives?
Praetorian81Author Commented:
I don't feel the solution is in this thread but I will give you the points since you tried.

I feel there is entirely too much configuration to try and complete with out the correct documentation. I reccommend anybody reading this in an attempt to get full functionality out of the web interface deployed java client, abandoned ship and go with the web client instead. Works with out any problems compared to the configuration challanges involved with the Java client.

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