Norton Ghost 12 w/ BartPE or WinPE

Has anyone successfully included Norton Ghost 12 w/ either BartPE or WinPE?
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No, not that I know of.  Ghost 12 includes several services that are running and needed, in addition to the shadow-copy and other Windows components.  All of the functions of Ghost 12 are not enabled until it is activated.

You can't take a offline backup using the Ghost 12 Recovery CD (their WinPE if you want to call it that).  You just restore after booting the Ghost 12 CD.

On the positive site, Ghost 12 is Vista certified.
Windows cannot run from a CD / DVD, and since you need a fully enabled windows to install software like this and drivers, like any windows software, it will only run under windows normal mode, not safe mode.  You might be interested to know that windows safe mode can be gotten to run from a DVD, but that is it.  It will be interesting to see if Ghost 12 finally solves the problems of  previous ghosts, like not getting all the system files, having problems with SIDs, being able to restore correctly without a floppy boot with a defunct windows setup, and not scrambling partitions, and other problems, as in previous versions of ghost.
>> It will be interesting to see if Ghost 12 finally solves the problems of  previous ghosts, like not getting all the system files, having problems with SIDs, being able to restore correctly without a floppy boot

With Ghost 12, you boot from the Ghost Recovery CD, not a floppy boot.  I've restored Windows XP (using Ghost 10) systems, and Windows Vista (using Ghost 12) without any problems with system files, SID, etc.

Scrathcyboy may be referring to enterprise deployment of an image with Ghost 12.  Ghost 12 is a consumer product, and requires one purchase license for each consumer pc.  Perhaps he is referring to Ghost Solution Suite 2.0 which is the enterprise server version of Ghost for central management of corporate images and pc's.
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jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
I believe he is correct, although I am trying to stay away from Solution Suite 2.0 or Altiris' version True Image as they both cost a lot of money. For some reason I cannot get the Solution Suite to work properly either, but I could pose that as a different question on the form if I need to. I saw briefly that Ghost 9 or 10 has been done in either a BartPE or WinPE environment, just not sure on the directions. I would do Ghost 8 as it has been done successfully with BartPE and it is part of what you download.
yes you should be able to get both 9 and 10 to work with both PEs, as they can be done as a manual install with no big OS links.  Look at these for some ideas --

"Instructions for making a BartPE CD which includes the Ghost 9 plugin"

Also see this EE article -
This may be obvious, but if you use Ghost 9 with BartPE or other PE cd, you still must purchase a license for Ghost 9 for EACH pc you plan to use Ghost 9 on.  I think the client licenses for Ghost SS 2.0 are quite cheap, even less than Ghost 9 (which is several releases old now) licenses.

Using Ghost 9 without licenses (even under BartPE or WinPE) would still be illegal.
jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
I know the legalities of having only one license for each workstation you use it on. I was just wondering if it was possible to do. The closest thing I came up with that couple possibly work is to modify the Ghost 8 plugin and hopefully it will work with Ghost 12, which I have not been able to see doing other research online. Being able to install other applications besides ghost, such as Office, Anti-Virus Software, etc.. would be helpful. There are other various applications I wouldn't mind having integrated into something like BartPE.

I have not found anything out there that is a Live CD of XP. I have seen Linux Distro's that have Live CD's. If anyone knows about creating a Live CD of XP I would be willing to go that route as well.

>> I was just wondering if it was possible to do.

I don't think it is possible to do, but I'll welcome hearing from anyone who says it actually has been done.  Ghost 12 is really an online backup solution with more and more of the logic dependent upon running within XP and Vista.  Ghost 12 no longer even works with Windows 2000 so you can see the direction Symantec is taking the Ghost product.

Acronis True Image ( has a true offline backup solution as well as online backup.  The Acronis boot cd is linux based and the full functions of backup are present in the Acronis True Image 11 online and offline (boot) environment.  Maybe that is closer to what you want.  I have to admit when/if one is in the tech support field, it is nice to take a complete image backup without boot the problem pc, and doing it before you modify the pc by installing new software, just for the purpose of taking a backup.

Hope this helps.

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jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
It probably does. Does Acronis True Image offer to do an offline (boot) backup across the network?
Both the new Acronis and new Ghost have boot CDs to boot if the system dies, and they can get the image from the network, that much is certain.  But they must be installed first to then make a bootable CD.

If you check the links I gave you, several of them mention putting the Ghost 9 plugin on a PE CD, and it works fine, as does 8.  I didn't find any references to doing this with 10, so I think 9 was the end of it.  I think with ghost, after 10, the boot CD had to be ghost, not Bart PE.  Hope that helps.  Good luck
I use bart PE, Windows XP with SP1,  with Ghost Enterprize version 8.  I of course own the license for Ghost 8.
jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
Unfortunately I cannot find Ghost 8, I have Norton Ghost 2003 that came with Norton SystemWorks 2003 Pro but isn't that a different version of ghost than 8?
Yes, very different.  This is the only version I have been able to get to work 100%.  I tried ver 9, 10, & 11 with no success.  
scrathcyboy - if you use Ghost with the sysprep utility for 2000 and XP the issues with SID's are eliminated.  I use a bootable XP with Bart PE and an external hard drive to ghost and restore my image systems.  I do 100 PC's and 20 servers every year using this.  It has worked flawlessly.
jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
I am trying to accomplish this by getting the image across the network, which is what originally stimulated the question. For some reason my floppy's get stuck when I try to add network capabilities. This is through DOS and not windows when I am trying this, as ghost 2003 does. I would go with something like symantec solution suite 2.0 or acronis True Image 11 if i could get either of them to work. The acronis documentation doesn't seem to go through everything in order to set it up and I have had nothing but problems trying to setup the solution suite.

If anyone has any insight that would be helpful.

That is not what you asked though in the original question here.  
jimmyiowaAuthor Commented:
Not the answer I was quite looking for, but thats ok, found out that Acronis worked better for what I was trying to accomplish.
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