Signal from wireless network access point fades in and out

My customer is using a Macintosh Laptop on a 802.11G wireless network at his church. His laptop is located about 20 feet from a wireless access point just on the other side of his wall. Until a few days ago he was able to acess the network with a solid connection. Now, he reports that the signal strength bars for the access point change levels from strong to weak about twice per hour. Consequently he loses his wireless connection when the signal strength drops out.

He even changed out access points and they BOTH BEHAVE IN THE SAME MANNER. This leads me to beleive it is a problem with his computer, or an interferance problem. Has anyone seen this before?

Thank you,

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I have certainly seen some odd things with wireless routers/AP's.  It sounds like you're on the right track with ruling things out.  I would continue with that and try another laptop and see if it happens with that.  Then you can decide whether to focus on his computer or the interference issue you were considering.  When you run into these kind of vague issues it's always better to first determine what it's not, then it's much easier to figure out what it is.  
If it is his computer then I would start by doing a quick un-install/re-install of his WIFI driver and go from there.  Eric.

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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
There could be several reasons for interference.
If the Mac user has not changed anything on their Mac .. the cause is more likely to be interference.

eric1508 - On OSX it is not easy to un-install/re-install WiFi drivers.  It operates differently from Windows.

Download this small application on the Mac  called iStumbler -
When you open iStumbler it will show any wireless networks in the area, their strength and channel.
There is a chance that someone recently set up another wireless network in the area running on the same channel.

Try changing the channel on the Wireless Router .. Typically it will be set to a number between 1 and 11.
Change to another channel and see does the problem resolve itself.

"eric1508 - On OSX it is not easy to un-install/re-install WiFi drivers.  It operates differently from Windows."
Thanks for the input eoinosullivan.  I wasn't aware of this difference.  Thanks, Eric.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Sorry - Savemypc but I don't see why you accepted eric1508s answer .. he offered no specific advice or solution.  Just a process to begin tracing the problem.  Also he does not appear to know anything about OX and Macs which is your area of enquiry.

You do not have to accept ANY answer .. or you can split points if several answers were helpful.

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Can you let us know if you resolved the issue ...
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SavemypcAuthor Commented:
Eric, thank you.
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