Reformat new computer? XPS M1530 with Vista

Just got a new XPS M1530 laptop.

Should I reformat my computer and reload everything? Will that speed things up or since I will be using the same disk the computer came with will that not help at all.

Using Vista Premium.

If I reformat should I get rid of the recovery partition and not create it on the reintall?
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
Why do you want to reformat it? - what is wrong with it?
busterbritAuthor Commented:
Nothing.  I just was always told with XP Dell systems to reformat because of all the extra prgrams on the computer that I don't need.  Is that not the case with this computer?
A easier and i think better option would be to prune the "Programs/Features" list in the control panel, removing all the junk dell ships preinstalled on its systems.
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
I agree much simpler to use Control Panel->Programs and features to remove stuff you don't want. Reformatting is a drastic step - you would have to have the Vista DVD to re-install for a start - and all the other software - not to mention drivers.
With OEM systems I have always done a clean reinstall, then imaged the system. If you just want to reome all the extra stuff dell installed try this program. 
If it has recovery partition, then use it to restore system. Then, if the junks are still there, format it and do image backup as Jamie said. There are junk programs those you can not find from Remove in Control Panel.
I disagree with all the statements that are made here so far.  You have a disc from dell that says "Operating System CD" or something.  Go ahead and boot off of that and format then reinstall the entire operating system.  Also, delete the recovery partition (unless you plan on loosing those discs).  Why have the recovery partition take up an extra 5 gigs or so when you have all your discs.

After the system is loaded, only install the software that you plan on using.  Dell should have slipstreamed all the drivers right into that Vista install disc so everything should work perfectly.

Why not just prune the Add/Remove Programs?  There will always be left over settings and files somewhere on your PC in case you ever reinstall the software.  There are always strange services associated with these "bloatware" programs that report back to some server somewhere, EVEN after you uninstall the host software.  Unless you plan on manually going through services.msc, and teh registry manually, then the format is the best option.

Any disagreements?

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"Dell should have slipstreamed all the drivers right into that Vista install disc so everything should work perfectly." Unless they have changed recently no drivers will be slipstreamed on the OS cd. Driver they will be located on the drivers and utilities cd.
Unlike most other manufacturers Dell have NOT included a full recovery disk, nor a method of creating one...Incredible but true!..he only way is to use the basic recovery disk which works in tandem with your recovery partition and the other 2 hidden partitions.

This is bad news as if your hard drive crashes after your warranty has expired, you will not only need to buy a new hard drive, but also BUY a new operating system and then download all teh specific Dell drivers.

In addition to this Vista can only run with 4 partitions and 3 of these are taken up with Dell recovery stuff.....Soall your data now is on the C drive with no option of a data only partition!

The only solution i can think of is to use an image program to save the recovery partition, then delete it.
resize the c drive and create a data drive.
Image the c drive on to an external drive or on to the data drive.

Thanks to Dell for being so useless...I bought this machine for my son...It is the last Dell i will ever buy!
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