No reply or forward icon, on emails in Inbox in Outlook 2007

'm running Windows Vista Business and Outlook 2007.   When I had Outlook 2003 when I replied to an email in my inbox, it got tagged with a arrow icon on the email so I could just look at my email and know which emails I responded to.   Now in 2007, there is no icon the email when I reply or forward an email.  This is just a home use machine, so there is no exchange server involved.   Just a pop3 account.    Is there some setting I'm missing?   Thanks!
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Conor_NewmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Aimee,

Is the "Icon Field" Displayed in your mail pane? Up where it lists the titles "From", "Subject" etc, before them there should be one called "Icon" it looks like a blank page Icon, with the corner folded down. If it's not there then this is your problem, to fix, just right click on one of the titles there (From , to or whatever) and select "Field Chooser", from this box, drag out the button "Icon" and place it up in that title bar next to the From column.
aimee1002Author Commented:
Thank you! It worked perfectly!
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