Exchange2007Std. Offline address book uses GAL by default, but what is included in GAL?

Exchange 2007 Std.
What does the GAL actually include?
For example, in Organization Configuration \ Mailbox \ Offline Address Book, the GAL is included by default in the GAL.
An additional option exists, to allow me to include these other address lists:
All Contacts
All Groups
All Rooms
All Users
All Public Folders.

Now doesn't the 'All Users' option the same as selecting the 'GAL'???
How is the 'All Users' different than what is included in the GAL?

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mass2612Connect With a Mentor Commented:

These different options above are filtered areas of the GAL. For example the All Users only contains user objects while the all groups only contains groups. These are the default that are in every GAL but you could add your own for example All Sydney Users, All London Users, All Sales Staff, All Management Staff, etc in order to help make it easier for users to find who they are looking for.

How to Create an Address List

Managing Global Address Lists
Nick_AustraliaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Think of the GAL as a directory, or index there to help you find what your looking for. If you select All Users you see all the users in the GAL and nothing else. The difference between All Users and the GAL is that within the GAL you will also be seeing groups, rooms, contacts and any other lists you create.

The path you mention above is not the Address Lists path however, it's the Offline Address Book, which by default will contain the GAL. Users would use the OAB when they have not got connectivity to exchange or are on the road, etc.
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