Adding Win 2003 into Win 2000

DEar Members,

Currently i have windows 2000 as the domain controller.  ( HQ)
Earlier there was a server WIn 2003 which was operating as a domain controller in another branch.
Now the branch is closed and brought back this win 2003 server to HQ.
Now my task is to add this win 2003 (just like another computer) to this win 2000 domain controller.
Pre, i could just change the domain name of another computer which we brought back frm the bracnh and its working just like other computers i my office.
But i couldnt do the same with win 2003. Im sure there is a different way of doing it.
Hoping some helping methods from experts. thank you
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If it is still setup as a domain controller, you will need to run DCPromo on it and demote it so it is a standard member server instead of a DC.

Once this has happened you can change domain membership etc.
rsunAuthor Commented:
How do i dcpromo?
Just go start > Run, and type dcpromo. It will launch a wizard to walk you through demoting the server.

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rsunAuthor Commented:
ok i have done with dcpromo...
it was taking too long more than 2 hours...
so i jsut end the program..
when i tried to log in again...
cant login coz netlog on service not running.....
Wondering what to do now...
rsunAuthor Commented:
ok...i have done....
now im adding win 2003 to win 2000...
thank you so much.....
rsunAuthor Commented:
Thank you so mcuh.
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Windows Server 2003

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