AMD Phenom 9500 + ECS A770M-A causes system lockup...AMD says bios fix from ECS...ECS sends two different bios updates--help

Purchased AMD Phenom 9500 + ECS A770M-A (v. 1.0) -- Fry's bundled combo PIB.  Installed on Windows 2000 Pro (SP 4).  New GeForce 8400 GS; 4 GB A-Data DDRII.  Installed, ok.  Boot into Windows, ok.  Playing World of Warcraft w/ventrilo client running.  Randomly timed system lockups, shortly occurs after starting WOW.  According to AMD, this is a BIOS fixable issue.  M/Bd manufacturer (ECS) seems reluctant to acknowledge problem or fix.  Passed off with an e-mail giving me two different dated bios updates, neither states a fix for the phenom so I am unsure of which to choose or even if I should flash.  Board is two days old.  Original Bios date of 11/15/07.  The two ECS sent via e-mail (also found on ECS site) have 12/07 dates.  One update says it fixes PCIe Gen 2 function not work normal and first release date 12/04/07.  Second update supports FID function for AMD Black Edition 5000 CPU Agessa version ( supports HT3 function;  supports PCIA Gen 2.  Files named for both updates are: bios for A770M-A (PCB: 1.x).  File size for both is 779 kb.  AMD and google searches indicate bios issue w/Phenom and the A770M-A bd.  AMD says call ECS for the update specifically for the Phenom.  ECS gives me the two already available from their site and no further help.  Anyone else have did u fix it.  Please help, this is my 3rd board/chip (AMD 64) in three weeks (first two caught fire).
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Could it be a heat issue with your video card? You can try downloading the nTune utility from Nvidia's website ( and change the fan speed option (in the performance section) from "auto" to "direct" and increase the fan speed to atleast 50% or higher. I believe nvidia keeps the fan RPM's low to cut down on noise. I could be wrong, but it's worth a try. If it doen't work, no harm done.
From what I read, sometimes changing the fan settings in the BIOS or trying different RAM can help.  ECS motherboards just aren't known for good quality, so while you didn't pay a lot of money, you are putting in a lot of time trying to get it to work.
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Thanks guys, but the issue is a known defect with the Phenom cpu as per AMD...we were looking to see if there truly was a "patch" for this cpu/board combo.  He returned the system yesterday to Fry's because he didn't want to void his 15 day warranty by doing a bios "flash" on a two month old bios.  He is just going to purchase a Dell laptop and be done with it.  We have been building systems for about 10 years now, but we have yet to flash a bios to upgrade.  Both the video card and the ram are both brand new as well.  In fact, the entire system has all new parts in it.  Thanks for the suggestions though.  While many have said that ECS is basically a "cheap" board, we have used them in multiple systems in our family with fairly good results.  Basically, after reading up on the Phenom, it would appear that the 9500 and 9600 have this problem (system locks during serious game play); but, they were released anyway.  This is sad as we are also long-term AMD users and prefer them to Intel.  I will mark this question closed now as the system was returned yesterday and the bios patch obviously doesn't really exist, it is just what AMD is telling customers and when you contact ECS they refer you to a bios update for other AMD cpu's.

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