esx 3 server shows disconnected in virtual center

One of my ESX 3.0 servers has become unavailable in Virtual Center Managment Console 2.0

Everything shows as disconnected. I can SSH login to the machine, but when I try to reconnect virtual center or use the HTTPS site from the ESX machine, I cannot get it to work. I am still able to use the virtual machines inside the ESX host, I plan to reboot everything tonight, but has anyone run into this?

Thank you
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Have you tried to restart the management services?

service mgmt-vmware stop
service mgmt-vmware start

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or alternatively
service mgmt-vmware restart
Be aware there is a bug in the first released verison of ESX 3.5 that will restart your guest sessions if you are running local storage and are using ESX to dictate startup and shutdown of guest sessions.
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