fn key problems

Hello y'all,

This is a weird problem: I've just replaced my laptop's keyboard due to malfunctioning of one of the keys (number 2). Now the F# keys, ESC and Delete don't work properly, they work like I'm pressing the Fn key; for example, F5 key intead of refresh a websiteinstead will sleep the computer.

A couple of hours ago, after a restart, the keys started working properly, but in a few minutes the nightmare was back on.

Thanks in advance for the help.
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Are you sure the keyboard you replaced it with is good?  
Also are you sure that the ribbon cable connecting the laptop keyboard is firmly connected to the motherboard?  
Try removing the keyboard and reinstalling it.  I have seen situations where parts of the keyboard will work if the ribbon cable isn't firmly attached.
Delphineous SilverwingGood Ol' GeekCommented:
Try reseating the cable connection.  Laptop keyboard ribbon cable connections can sometimes cross if slightly inserted incorrectly.
test with the old keyboard, and with an external one ; it can be your mobo has a problem too
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Test with another environment (safe mode or a Live CD, e.g. Knoppix), could be a software problem.
Okay, solution 1 here was spot on: remove and re-install the keyboard and see if that solves the problem.

If it doesn't solve the problem then remove the new keyboard and use an external keyboard (or use the old keyboard) to make sure everything else is okay. 99% it is going to be a bad keyboard, but you should always make sure and this is an easy check.

Don't worry about solution 4. That is not a possible scenario. Software just doesn't 'go bad'.

If the keyboard is bad then try to fix the keyboard. Something has likely gotten inside of the function key and is causing it to make contact when we don't want it to. Grab the Fn key from the far side / side closest to the LCD screen. Gently pull up. Eventually the key will come lose and you can remove the key cap. Clean out beneath the key. If you have compressed air then try to squirt some compressed air around the key to key to get the dust out of the day. Re-attach the key in the reverse way you removed it. Now install it and try it again.

If it STILL does not work then you have a piece of dust stuck inside the two layers of the keyboard. You have a choice to make: either return the keyboard for a warranty exchange or fix the keyboard. To fix the keyboard you will have to remove the keyboard, remove ALL of the keys and what you will be left with is two metal sheets that are some how taped together which have two flexible printed circuit boards with electrical contacts between the metal sheets. Untape the two metal sheets that hold the keyboard contacts together and then clean out the two sheets of contacts and put everything back together. Really this is a "feel the pebbles with your feet as you cross the river" process because I have no idea the type of keyboard you have (and don't bother telling me the brand - laptop manufacturers use different keyboards in different models). Just take the keyboard apart carefully, clean between the two layers and put it back together the same way you took it apart.

My suggestion: do NOT do this surgery on your new keyboard. Just try to fix your old keyboard with the bad 2 key. Chances are you can get it fixed and then return the new keyboard from whence it came.

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champoteAuthor Commented:
cpaglee I've got to give you the credit. I took off the fn key, clean it up the contacts and after a reboot... it's working!

Thanks to you all for helping me out, you save me a couple of weeks waiting for a new keyboard.
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