install DWG viewer 2008 in citrix farm

3 citrix server farm
presentation server 4.0
windows 2003

need to install DWG viewer 2008 in citrix farm for all user to have access to the application

steps perform:
logon to server as admin
change user /install
installed the DWG viewer 2008 apps through add/remove programs
change user /execute
able to open DWG as admin

had user login without admin account
user can see the application icon on the desktop
click on the icon ---get an error message that the program was not installed correctly

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nprignanoConnect With a Mentor Technical ArchitectCommented:
The most common solution for application errors like this, in my own experience, is one of two things:

1) Make sure that your users have high enough security rights on the program files directory for the given app.  Some apps need users to have modify (write) permissions on the folder that the executable is installed in for the app to launch


2) Change the program to run in Windows XP mode.

Usually, its number one.  If its not number one or two, then there are other things to check, like making sure you are logged into the console (use the /console switch in Remote Desktop) when installing, or setting permissions in the registry.  But the two things I listed above are the usual culprits.
BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It could be a HKCU issue, you can try copying the Admin's NTUser.dat over that of a test user.  Are you sure this product supports terminal services?  The permissions would be the first thing I check.  
You can always use FileMon and RegMon to see what files and keys are being used by your app when an admin runs it.  Then, check all of the locations for rights.  You will need to use regedt32 in order to change registry rights.  
enosunaAuthor Commented:
i'll try the regmon and filemon thank you both for replying.
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