Connection problems WM6 device to Vista Mobile Device Center

I have a i-Mate JASJAM Pocket PC running WM6 trying to connect to Vista Business laptop via USB.

I want to use Mobile Device Center (MDC) to sync files with PPC as well install and uninstall software on the PPC. In other words, replicate what ActiveSync does with XP.

I can connect the PPC via Bluetooth and the Vista sees the device. However I do not get given options in Sync Center (SC) to create a Partnership.

I cannot connect at all via USB.

When I connect via USB the PC makes the USB connecting sound but MDC does not launch.

If I start MDC from the Start menu - it shows a dialog box saying that it is waiting for the device to connect ... which it never does.

When attached via USB, the device is not visible in My Computer view either.

I have deleted the Mobile device Network Adapter as well as oem28.* from WIndows\inf directory - still no success.

I am looking for a resolution so that I can create a Partnership with my device that will allow me to:

(a) sync files between PPC and PC
(b) manage applications on the PPC

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Hello, I use JasJam and Vista Business without any problem, so I know it should work.
In the MDC in connection settings do you have "Allow USB connections" checked?
For bluetooth, in the MDC connection settings you need to check "Allow connections to one of the following" and select bluetooth from the list.
If these are correct and you are still having problems then let me know.
LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
Thanks Rick - I have USB checked and also BT.

The PC and PPC will connect via BT but not USB.

Once connected via BT though, MDC still does NOT allow me to create a sync partnership.

Strange huh?
So once connected via bluetooth, it actually says connected in the MDC?
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LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
No - it doesn't show in MDC. In fact, MDC doesn't get past the dialog box that says it is waiting for the device to connect. In other words, I have never seen the MDC interface.

I can see the PPC in Explorer view - but Visat is just seeing it as Removable Media, eg: like a USB drive or similar.

Does this make sense?
OK, so on the ppc, when you start activesync and go menu>>connections is USB set? Or alternatively go menu>>Connect via bluetooth does this work, or is this what you are already doing?
Sorry if I may be asking the obvious, just making sure I understand what is happening.
LeadMasterAuthor Commented:

I haven't been using AS as I was of the understanding that MDC superseded AS.

Any, connected PPC and went to AS. USB is set.

I then told AS to sync. AS connected over GSM to my Exchange Server (situation normal) and then it said it was Connecting to PC. However it didn't connect and did not sync with the PC.

Active Sync does say, however that it last sync'd with Windows PC on 14 Jan 08. I am certain that this was a sync I did with my OLD XP machine to install some software (when I got frustrated at not being able to do it on my new Vista PC).

Perhaps because it sync'd with a different PC it doesn't believe it should have a Partnership with the Vista PC?

I will be away from my PC for the next 90 minutes but will look for any updates upon my return.

Yeah, was just tring activesync as an alternate method to connect. (I dont use activesync either)
Think you may need to install MDC 6.1
I think it has some bug fixes/features related to wm6.
Although I am not using 6.1 and it works fine. Worth a shot though.
LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
Progress - but not quite there yet.

Installed MDC 6.1 and restarted PC WITH PPC connected via USB.

MDC started (first time I ahve seen the interface) and it detected the PPC on USB.

It attempted a Sync but th4e sync failed.

I disconnected the PPC; re-booted and then re-connected the PPC. MDC still doesn't connect to the PPC.

Hello, sorry for delay. Have been away from my pc.
OK, At least it now connects sometimes (once...)
I do get similar behaviour at different stages and a soft reset on the device usually fixes the problem.
Disconnect from pc, reset, then connect again.
Does it connect after a soft reset?

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LeadMasterAuthor Commented:
Hi Rick - long story short. My PC crashed - like totally. Had to rebuild it from OS up. Reinstalled MDC 6.1 and connected my PPC. It is syncing fine. Looks like it was a software problem before.

Thanks so much for your fine assistance and perserverance - you have well & truly earnt your 500 points.

Cheers Dave
Hello Dave,
Great that you have solved the problem.
Thanks for the comments and points.

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