Removable Hard Drives to support Linux boot

Some of our computer labs use removable hard drives to support Linux boot.  I wanted to ask the Experts what they thought of this process. Our IT Department is conteplating installing more removable drives to support Linux boot on workstations in other labs as well. The thought is that this would allow us to use the standard image with VMWARE and also instructors could allow students to purchase or use Linux hard drives.  
Any thoughts on this idea? pros? cons? other suggestions?
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arrkerr1024Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you mean pre-configured removable drives that you slide in a caddy of some sorts then it isn't quite as scary, but the same points apply.  If you sold a student a linux drive, they'd want root access.  Or they'd take it home, boot it in another box, and get root access for themselves (or shoot, just boot single user).  Once they have root, same problems apply.
I'm assuming by removable you mean USB?

The only downfall is that you're allowing them to boot whatever they want.  So someone could bring in a hard drive, boot the box, and have a rouge DHCP server, spam relay, virus , packet sniffer or anything under the sun.  You have no control over what they're booting.  I like the idea, but you really have to be tight on security.  99.9% of the people will be great with it, 0.1% will try to ruin it for the rest.
shogun5Author Commented:
Thanks. This information helps.
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