What are some creative solutions to a poorly sized partition using mirrored stripping of drives?

I've inherited a Win2003 Server box that does not have enough space partitioned on the C drive.

My goal is two fold. One is to eventually retire this server, because it wasn't improperly configured for the tasks it is supposed to do. Secondly, I need some options for my client until they can come up with the necessary funds to replace this server.

I was able to compress the c: drive. However, this only freed up about 1.25gb of space. This is clearly not enough for a server. However, the D drive has about 55gb of free space.

I was thinking about putting in another RAID controller with new hard drives. However, I'm wondering if the cost benefit would be less than buying a new server.

The other option I was considering is taking the drives off line and resizing the partition one at a time using Partition Magic via an WinXP client box. However, before being adventuresome, I thought to include the EE community for their thoughts.
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
You are truly the perfect candidate for my web page - see:

cuadminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It really depends on what you are looking to do and shift.

What is the function of the server? Is it the main DC that stores AD, DNS Etc? What is the timeframe you have before they come up with the cash? How much storage room do you need etc etc.

Personally, i wouldn't bother with the partitioning at this stage. Hard drives are cheap now days as are raid controllers to a certain extent, and depending on what data you are looking to shift, if you are looking for a quick fix with minimal downtime for the users, then additional drives maybe the way to go if you have the room in the machine. It is certainly cheaper than buying a new server.

I would certainly take into account leew's information when planning for the new system to replace this one...that's got some good info in it.


noxchoConnect With a Mentor Global Support CoordinatorCommented:
Hello expertclyde,

if you need to increase the size of the system partition, you have to use some third party partitioning software, like the ones form Paragon or Acronis. I use Paragon:

I agree on the idea that building up a RAID config is quite good idea, and not that costly nowadays. You'll have to options here: add drives to existing hard disk (once new disks are added, you still have to allocate new space to existing partition), or just build new RAID and install everything from scratch.

As for resizing: all you need to do is reduce  drive, and than increase C drive taking that free space. And I think you know this but still: backup everything before going with partition resizing. Admin always has backups.

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