Filter rules do not work

Hi Guys,

I've searched for this solution but either has missed it or it's not there.
I'm trying to clean up some Arcserve backups on various clients servers and am trying to exclude certain directories from the backup.
I've gone to modify the job, right clicked on the serve and selected filter and then selected exclude - directory pattern and in the next box entered c:\windows\ etc for the file path then clicked add and ok'd and re-submitted it but when it has ran it still shows these files as errors.
What am i doing wrong ?

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PeteJThomasConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Excuse my denseness but rather than setting up exlusion filters, could you not just modify the job and deselect the necessary folders etc from the backup in the first place?

I doubt you'd get the software backing up folders and files that are not selected to be backed up in the first place...
NetexpertsAuthor Commented:
Many Thanks, the simple answers are always the best, i didn't think of that.
Indeed they are! No need to over complicate these things! :)
If you deselect only one directory or file from the source election tree, then you will have only a snapshot backup for the future of this job, depending on the excisting situation of the filesystem.

For clarification, lets say you might have a volume D$ with only two directories DIR1 and DIR2. If you only want to backup DIR1 - and you don't use filters - then you have to deselect DIR2. The green square beside D$ will become only half filled. You will backup only DIR1 - as you expect this.

If you later generate a new DIR3 it will never be backuped - unless you the change the job definition

So, in many situations with dynamic storage you have to select the volume at all and need filters.  And please be careful not to mix job filters with host filters, but this might be another topic for itself.

To avoid yellow warnings in the ARCserve activity log - and don't want to use the Open File Agent - you have to use sometimes a huge amount of directory and file filters, especially if you backup a MS server 2008 with ARCserve older than 12.0 without Client Agent only by network share. It might be a annoying task to declare 20 filters for 10 jobs ...
As far as I now there is even with 12.1 no possibilty to import a filter list from file. The only way: set the filters for one job manually in the job definition dialog, test the job, save the job in file system with the *.asx extension, reopen it and change the other relevant definition parts of the jobs.
I totaly agree wit Teu, alway use filters instead of excluding directories. New directories just don't get backuped!
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