Some emails do not reach their destinatary - Exchange 2003 server

Some emails that we know people are sending us do not reach our exchange server. Is there a way to know why? How can we track emails that do not reach our server?
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3cc3ntricConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In GFI Monitor what does the log say about the email?
Usually it will say it delivered it to xxxx mailbox
The what does it say under Exchange's System Manager?
If they are definitely not reaching your server, (check in system manager under message tracking - needs to be enabled first)
you are at the mercy of the sender's IT people/ sender to provide you with any NDR information they may receive.
If you are using a mail server external to your exchange (pop3, etc) you could check those logs.
You could also do with checking for any AntiSpam/AntiVirus/Third party programs either server side or provider side to ensure they are not stripping those messages
Finally check external DNS is pointing to the correct mail server
Hope that's a nudge in the right direction.
Is your server part of a larger Exchange organisation? Or the only Exchange server you have?

If the mails are not even reaching your gateway then the problem is likely going to be outside your network - You may want to speak with your ISP as I don't think there's any way you could personally track an email that doesn't even reach you...

Do the senders get any kind of non delivery report back or anything?
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zaldivar05Author Commented:
It seems some emails reach the gateway like this one

2008-1-31      9:7:34 GMT      -      -      -      SERVIDOR      -      1019      A46321178BD9FD41A3EAD783487B0E8F54C38D@servidor.cosmanin.local      0      0      88256      1      2008-1-31 9:7:34 GMT      0      -      -      -      -

but then they do not get into the mailbox.

It is the only exchange server of the organization. We have a GFI mailessentials v.12 but I have that all the emails that the antispam intercept to be saved in a especific folder and that email is not at that folder.

zaldivar05Author Commented:
sorry, that was an outgoing email not an incoming one.

I have found that internal emails also do not reach their destiny, so it cant be an ISP problem
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