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Respected Sir,
We have One DELL Power Edge 2600 Series server, that is working as terminal server/User file Server, on that we have installed Windows 2003 Server Ent R2 ,Microsoft Office 2003 Enterprise Edition,Microsoft Visio,Project and there are users files as well on it.
Users logs on to this server and get there accounts,Outlook etc...we are depending on this server, so thats why we plan to have another server as redundent that is HP DL 380.So we need your advise that how we can configure these servers as Redundent, when one server down so the other will take control and users will not have more disrubance in the work.
Looking forward for your reply
Thanks & Regard
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i m guessing u already have active directory installed on the first one... so 2600 is your root server, you can make additional domain controllers...

personally i would prefer moving file server to other domain controller or member server...
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
You have a couple of considerations.  Can any downtime be tolerated, or does it need to be an instant changeover?

If it can be tolerated that it might take a bit of time, then you can replicate the user data to the 2nd server daily, weekly or continuous however regularly you feel is required.  also ensure that all of the same programs are configured on the 2nd server, so that if you need to switch over to it the programs and user data are already there.  The only config change you would then need is to get the users to point their Remote Desktop connections at the new server.  Make it a DC also.

The other way to do it, is to have another box to control the AD, file shares and terminal services config/licesning and run the two boxes you have as a terminal server farm/cluster.  That way, the users look to the 3rd box which controls AD to get a tserver assignment, and if one is down is simply swtiches to the other.
IftikharIqbalAuthor Commented:
Respected Sir,

Thanks for your reply, and Infect our DELL Power Edge 2600 Series server is not a Domain controller, because domain controller is another server that is HP DL 380.And we have another Server working as Exchange Server.
So we can have arround one hour down time, but we will preffer less down time than this.
So kindly accordingly advise us that how we can configure second server.And how we can replicate user data on daily basis.
thanks & Regards
Mark DamenERP System ManagerCommented:
So as far as I can understand, your Dell 2600 currently is a terminal server, which also hosts user data and your HP DL380 is the domain controller.  you also have another server running exchange?

In my opinion, the best way to configure 3 servers, with some form of redundancy would be this:

1 x domain controller, file server, print server, email server, terminal server session manager controller
2 x terminal servers (with same apps installed on both), domain controller role for backup of the above.

What this gives you in a load balanced, fault tolerant terminal services configuration, active directory backup and safety because it is on all three servers, files all in once place so you can have home folders/network drivers all pointing at one place.  You need to ensure that you do complete and full backups on the server hosting exchange, users folders.

Ideally, exchange should not be on a domain controller, but with the SBS product microsoft implement it this way so I cant see that being an issue.

What I am suggesting would mean a lot of reconfiguration most likely, but is the way I would do it if I was starting from scratch.

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