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Explanation for Object Data source

I understand that, Object Data Source is a new feature for Vb.net 2005. and according to the book its saying :

" An object Data source binds control on a form in the presentation layer to the data in a business object, which is created from a business class in the middle layer. This means that you can use data binding in the presentation layer without placing the data access in that layer."

Problem is I am very bad in theoritical !!,
what i want to know is, in real life,

**********how much object data source is important ?*********

from last couple of days, i am studying on Vb.net ( i can create small 3 tire application by using capsulation)

**************if i use Object data source  wiht 3 tire application , will it be more powerfull ??************

and also, some good tutorial and article on regards this object data source would appreciate.
2 Solutions
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
I am just trying to make you understand.

Assume that the Form  is the presentation layer and the  Data Access layer has the connection string and the relavant functions that is used to communicate with the database.  

Here the business logic layer will act as an intermediate between the presentation layer and the Data Access layer.

To be clear the Presentation layer uses the Business logic layer to perform requested operations. Hence this makes us clear that the Presentation layer doesn't use the dataaccess layer directly.

This is what he wanted to express. Hope this will help.
fosiul01Author Commented:
HI i will close this questions, but will you be able to solve my another problme , please


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