How o burn a CD with macOS Leopard?

How do i burn a CD with macos leopard??? I mean, does the OS come with any default burning software or do i need to download some other program to burn cds???
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go-beConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can burn cds without any other software, although some of the utilities like Disco make it easier.

To Burn a cd:

Right click on the desktop and press New Burn Folder.
Drag whatever you want to burn into this folder, then open the folder in finder and press BURN on the top right.
You can Create a new burn folder via File Menu.
Then put your files into the new burn folder.
Otherwise, if you want to burn a disk image, you can do that via the Disk utility.
just select the cdrom in Disk utility and drag over it the image file you want to burn
Eoin OSullivanConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
Lots of apple Apps come with DVD or CD burning options such as iMovie, iTunes, iDVD
In addition there is the Burn Folder option in the Finder and the Application called Disk Utility can create and burn disk images.
IF you want to burn Movie files to DVD or create custom DVD/CDs then there are free and commercial programs
LiquidCD (FREE) -
Burn (FREE) -
$$ Commercial Applications
Disco -
Toast 8 Titanium -

Some other options

Paul RiskoCommented:
I think it's silly Leopard doesn't come with an app like Disco. One of the first things your going to want to do is burn or make a copy of a disk. Just my 2 cents.....
Paul RiskoCommented:
What I wanted to add... was that Burn or Liquid did not worked for me.
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