Slow response time obtaning IP adress from DHCP server

I have installed a win2003 Server as a DHCP server.

When i use a win XP client, to obtain an IP from that server, it takes about 30 seconds.
When i use the Deactivate and Activate from client, it also takes about 30-sec.
Is there something i can turn off or on on the server to speed up the DHCP?

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are you having this problem with one pc? sometimes a "failing" nic will cause this (workstation). try pinging your gateway, ping 192.168.x.x -n 50. make sure are getting a %100 response, if not try a new one
Johnner_dkAuthor Commented:
Its all the PC's that get slow DHCP from that one.
Its ip is: and GW ip is  (dont know if that means anything with response times)
Should the server's IP be greather than the GW?
The 2003 server is also a Boot server.
i just made a 50 ping, and got OK response.
have you tried reseting the switch? is the switch managed or unmanaged

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Johnner_dkAuthor Commented:
Im going to put a little 4 port switch, directly inside the server, and connect a computer to that switch, and then i see how long the response time is.

The problem here is not windows, but some place on the network, so i got my answer.
If it's really close to 30 seconds, are you using a Cisco switch? Unless "spanning-tree portfast" is specified for the port the client is connected to there will be a 30 second delay before any traffic is passed through the port. Even though it shows a green light and some flashing, 30 seconds go by first.

I have an issue where a group of Macs are taking two minutes to pull DHCP from our 2003 DHCP server. The server itself shows little load currently. Any ideas?
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