crystal pie chart overlapping values - how stop

     When producing Crystal Pie Charts the values pertaining to each slice overlap so that they are unreadable. In Crystal the User can move the values around on the Display Page. However we are using other software to view the output reports which does not allow this movement. Is there some method in Crystal that it can be set such that values will never overlap  

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This has always been a downside of CR.  You could try turning them 45/90 degrees.  It may help.  What I found is that if you, in the report, move them in a manner that allows enough space it will generally be readable.  You will be fighting a never ending battle on this one.

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Dan WeingartAuthor / CRChartCommented:
If all else fails, we have solved this problem in our CRChart add-in library for CR. We put in the same pie engine as Cognos and MicroStrategy use and it is WAY better than what comes standard w/ Crystal.

Disclaimer: I work for the company,, that makes this product. This product costs money.

TJPRIMEAuthor Commented:
OK, thanks
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