MSI file for Reporting Services web page/interface printer plug in?


We've recently setup and installed Microsoft SQL server 2005 reporting services on a new server, and I am looking at configuring it for our users to view reports.

On the Reporting Services web paage/interface, once users have run the report there is a print button option. Clicking this button tries to install a further plugin for the printer to work. however you need admin permissions to install, which most of our users do not have. Does anyone know where this plugin file is installed from? Is there an MSI I can simply deploy to all users using Group Policy to make life easier?

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Smart_ManConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can try a work around with the user rights.

anyway a better search would lead to a better work around

waiting for your reply.
grjitdeptAuthor Commented:
That helps a bit - it seems that an msi file is not available to isntall the active control, but you can in theory get a cab file for it... But I don't think you can deploy cab files and register dll's using Group Policy...

I can't believe no-one else has had this problem... Anyone else got any ideas?

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grjitdeptAuthor Commented:
That's perfect - I'm going to have to experiment and investigate further about the best way to deploy it, but that page explains everything I need to know - thanks for your help.
you just do not know the state i get in when i see the email says good answer grade A. it feels like getting high. umm maybe even like sex. i am really glad that i could be a helpfull person to someone.

thanks for grading

grjitdeptAuthor Commented:
hehe no worries - you lived up to your name :)
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