Which backup device?


I am due to install a HP ML350 with RAID5 and Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition for a client. Also on this server will be running their EPOS software which will control all their cash tills (about 5 of them)
I am mulling over which backup device to use.
Shall i use DLT drive with Backup exec V11D
Or simply Windows Backup with 4 external HDD's?

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MarkMichaelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could use NTbackup as suggested, but I would use 8 SFF tape drives such as the 2.5" Western Digital Passport drives, very small and great for taking off-site.

The reason for 8 would be for


Each Friday, replace the next-in-the-list Friday tape so that you will have an entire month worth of Friday's that you are able to retrieve files from.
IIRC Veritas can also write to USB drive, if you need extra functionality over NTbackup.
Shanmuga SundaramDirector of Software EngineeringCommented:
Why are you not interested in using Tapedrive for backups. HP Taperdrives should be good for this purpose. what do you think about this.?
carrgater31Author Commented:
which make/model in particular would you recommend?
Would you use Windows backup or third party software?
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I would definateley backup to tape, depending on you disk capacity something like a quantum sdlt320, you could use nt backup depending on the software running on it and the time fram, if you have open databases to backup you should look at th eagents available from backexec .
you must ensure the tapes leave site
carrgater31Author Commented:
what benefit is the tape over hard drives?
thats a really good question and looking at todays technology my approach is perhaps old fasioned and needs revising. as the cost of disk storage has reduced it is now at a point that with the speed benefits it is a viable option.

Hedley PhillipsOwnerCommented:
We have been using tape for many years while a friend in a supprt company has been banging on about usb drives for ages now.

We have a problem with our robotic library and I thought this would be an ideal time to try 500Gb usb drives as an alternative.

We had one upstairs on a desktop so I unplugged it and took it downstairs to the server room. Plugged it in and it failed to work. Ended up having to send it back and get a replacement.

While we were waiting for the replacement to arrive, we bought another drive (different make) this ran fine for a few months until the power supply started to whistle like there was a jet turbine built in. This has now been sent back.

Moral of all this is that I do not trust USB drives for anything critical at all. We will stick to tape which we can take off site and trnasport about without it failing. Tape may be old tech but in 4 years of being in this company I have yet to have a restore fail because of a tape.

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